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Data Digitization or document digitizing is the process by which physical or manual records such as text, images, video, and audio are converted into digital formats. Data Digitization is an inevitability in this age of information due to it vitality for any organization. In our current day competitive world technology is continuously altering in order to improve and smoothen our lives. For a business to operate effectively information needs to be easily available. Most information or data is stored in the form of paper files or reports, which accumulates over the years, leading to data damage and loss. It is a cumbersome procedure to obtain necessary data when it's really required.

What can be digitized. Well, virtually anything that's on paper or in an analog format. Some examples are given below.

  • From paper to electronic formats
  • From audio tapes and VHS to Compact Disks (CDs/DVDs)
  • From Vinyl film to digital media (MP3, MPEGS)
  • From blueprints, maps and diagrams to editable, retrievable, shareable data that can be efficiently manipulated
  • From invoices & applications to intelligent data warehouses making data mining easy